We have been in the Casino Business since 1985.  Long before online casinos were even thought of.  Our experience in the casino business far exceeds most casino site owners.  In many cases they are website owners with no hands on casino experience at all.  Even now we still continue with our land based casino business.  This allows us to analyse the realism of some of these online casino games to see which give the most life like games.  As the inventor of a casino game called “Rapid Roulette”, I was the first person to be able to put computerised gaming with a real dealer.  My reasoning is many, but the main one is that computerised gaming is far more efficient, especially for disputes, but that people do not trust computers, so lets have a dealer deal with touch screen betting systems.  This was in 1995 when I worked at Crown Casino.  They developed the idea and it spread worldwide within months.  Now every land based casino utilises this system.  This system is also used with many online casino’s, where there is a real dealer in the background spinning the roulette ball or dealing the cards.

The odds at an online casino are far better for the player because there are no staff or site expenses.  Can you imagine the cost to run some of these huge casino complexes.

Other benefits are you can play anytime and anywhere that you have a connection.  You don’t even have to dress up, in fact you can play in your underwear (or less), no one cares.  If you want to have a drink whilst you play, you don’t have to worry about a taxi fare, or driving home.

The negative is that you don’t have the social interaction, but you can invite your friends around for a drink and a gambling night, they just have to bring their own computers.  (Just like they do on “the Big Bang Theory”).  Have a competition to see who can win the most on the slots.  You can play the online games for free and just have a private bet between you, best score after an hour etc.

Playing these games at home, opens up so many options for so many people that it is taking off so rapidly that we cant keep up.  Every day, new games, new operators.

One thing we must mention, is that you must play with a licenced online gaming establishment.  ALl of our casino’s are licenced and allowed to operated within certain jurisdictions.  For example, some are US and Canada only, some are Australia and Europe, but not US and even within the US there are some states that do not allow gambling of any sort.  If you are unable to get access, it is not a mistake or server fault, it is possible that your local laws prohibit gaming.


Good luck and have some fun with our games.